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is it FinE For you

Payphone(中文名:付费电话)是美国流行乐队Maroon 5第四张录音室专辑《Overexposed》中的一首单曲。 在Maroon 5主唱Adam Levine作为教练的电视节目《The ...

可以回复:Thank you! everything is perfect here. Hope everything is going well with you as well. (谢谢!我这里一切都很好,希望你也一切都好。) 一般客户发送这样的邮件都是友好的问候,我们以同样的方式回复对方即可。一定记住,如果...


If you are fine, then it's a sunny day for me. 如果你很好,那对我来说是个晴天。 我觉得就是“你若安好,便是晴天”

i will wait------Mumford & Sons

mary j blige - just fine lyrics: You know I love music And every time I hear something hot It makes me wanna move It makes me wanna have fun But it's something about this joint right here This joint right here Its makes me wann...


Elliott Yamin ---Wait For You

作曲Lori FineYou got a problem too much black on my face?You think I ...Now is it really too hard for you to ask?You whisper about me right ...

I know it.Mom: Fine, we’ll put him somewhere else.Kevin: I’m sorry...it as hard for you to leave me now as it is for me to leave you. ...

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