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Do sightsEEing

do some sightseeing 去游览, 去参观 例句 I'd like to do some sightseeing with you. 我愿意同你们一起去游览。 I would like to do some sightseeing while ship is in port. 我想趁船入港时上岸观光一番。

do some 动词+ing 是动宾词组 go + 动词的ing 是go+伴随动作

do some 动词+ing 是动宾词组 go + 动词的ing 是go+伴随动作


变成否定句和疑问句some都要改成any some用于肯定句,any用于否定句和疑问句

第一:why do u go there? 第二:what do u go there for?

i will do some sightseeing

4) Schedule SightseeingPlanning ahead by booking a sightseeing tour or group...When traveling abroad, do some research to have a better understanding of ...

1 I heard that Thailand is a good place for sightseeing. 2 She leaves for Hong Kong on Tuesday 3 I would like to ask you about tourist ...

度一个长假 have a long vocation 计划做某事 plan to do something 决定 decide 观光 sightseeing 驱车旅行 a driving trip 考虑 consider vacation ...

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